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Connect your bank accounts and start paying.

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Shop and buy online and in stores

Shop local, in stores

Pay touch-free with Vank QR code

Use your Vank QR code to pay touch-free at stores. No shared pens or keypads, no cash withdrawals, and no digging for your wallet.

Scan, pay, and go

Look for signage about paying touch-free with Vank in local stores. Then (1) scan the store’s QR code, (2) confirm the total, and (3) go.

Pay & checkout online

Online payments & checkout

Pay anywhere you’ve linked your Vank account or simply use the Vank Checkout button..

Enjoy flexibility and freedom

Pay your way

Pay using any of your linked payment methods, like a debit card, credit card, or bank account.

Pay with confidence

Places you shop don’t see your payment or financial details. What’s private stays private.

It costs you nothing to pay with Vank


Transaction fees within the US and PR.

when you send money from your linked bank
account or debit card.*

*Vank does not charge for paying at businesses from a linked bank account.

It is super fast and easy to shop and buy in stores and online.