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All we need is your email address and some basic information about your business.

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Confirm your email address and business name, connect your business bank account, and start accepting payments.

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Find out how we can help you run and grow your business. We integrate with your favorite tech assets.

Create a business profile

Grow your business

Whether your business is online, in-store, or on the go, connect with new customers and expand your reach.

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Add a profile pic and background image, and your profile will appear prominently in customers’ feeds.

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Allow your customers to pay however they like. After all, they are the engine that powers your business.

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Accept payments online

Make it easy for your customers to pay any way they want from wherever they are. Convenience is key.

Take payments in store

Vank gives you easy ways to accept in-person payments—at your store, restaurant, or even a food truck.

Collect donations

We can help you collect donations, from registered non-profits to local businesses. Drop us a line.

Grow your business without limitations

Vank is adaptable to work for any business type no matter the size or the industry in which it operates.

Standard industries

Built to handle payments for any business, from small service providers to restaurants and retail to e-commerce sites – both in-person and online.

Highly regulated industries

Designed for any business that doesn’t have access to traditional payment options .

Get Vank for your business and start enjoying the flexibility and benefits.